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MagaM at the Bej Hamam (trumpet recording session).


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special new EP by Alexandru Hegyesi.

proud to have helped.

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submission for the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 Urban Soundscape Competition.

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tracks from self-released albums.

download links in track descriptions.

full album streams available at

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moody alien on filamentzine



Α piece of music that needs to be played loud

Tom Zé – toc

A piece of music that moves you forward

Bill Wells, Annie Whitehead, Stefan Schneider, Barbara Morgenstern - Pick Up Sticks

A piece of music that gets stuck in your head

Origamibiro – Noshi

A piece of music that…

thanks for asking!

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a list of collaborations and tracks released as part of compilations.

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Robert Sapolsky about his study of the Keekorok baboon troop from National Geographic’s Stress: Portrait of a Killer.

#I’m not saying we should cull all alpha broskis      #but…     

I am. I’m gonna go ahead and say that.

It’s kind of a cheesy Jewel quote, but I love it: “What we call human nature in actuality is human habit.”

I’ve seen this post bouncing around on my dash for a while and it occurs to me that people view the human race as somehow static. I think that if you look at the way people thought/behaved in the past, even the recent past, you will find signs that we are changing all the time. Just as the environment challenged the baboons, so too does our rapidly changing environment challenge us. And we are changing/adapting to it.

You might not like what this is doing to us, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

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from a new release available for download at

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moody alien

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new mix by Benjamin Perreira for a new album by the Terra Libera Ensemble.